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In every project that I work on. I aim to make it high quality. Below are a few of my current projects. 

Latest Projects


Pillingo is a pillow that combines comfort and learning in one unique product.  The pillow helps in introducing your child to a foreign language. The two current languages are Spanish and ASL (American Sign Language).


SAMPLE 2: Fine Art Photography

I enjoy taking photos of local events, but landscape photos allow me to capture nature from different angles.


SAMPLE 3: Online Course Instruction

I was able to create a free online course that teaches Google Slides for Graphic Design. The course has almost 10k students. I am in the process of creating new courses for the new year. 

SAMPLE 4: Moab Business Profile

I interviewed local businesses for Moabs KCYN 97.1 FM radio station. The episodes were also made available on the stations website and also on soundcloud. Episodes are below. 

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